Lysis 14:1–24

The Lord appeared to Blake near the great ocean of Atlantic while he was engineering. The sun was high in the smothering sky. Blake looked up from his blueprint and upon not recognizing the Lord asked, “Who dares disturb me from my work?”

The Lord laughed thunder and said, “Does the forgotten wind not blow apart the constructions of Man? For if salvation lay in forgetting, how safe would be the ignorant horde.”

Upon hearing these words, Blake fell to his knees and bowed. “I recognize the Creator,” he declared, “in whose image we also create, so that the World is one day made into the temple of the Lord.”

Then the Lord said, “Heed this warning: The World boils, and the Northern ice drips with melt. Trapped within are Demons whose thawing will be the end of Man and his creations.”

Blake asked, “What is to be done?”

Then the Lord said: “You must construct a Gargantua into which shall fit all the peoples of the World. For only here will they be saved. You must design it, and you must build it of metal and electronics, and it must be made secure against the Demons and cold against the growing Heat. Once this is done, I shall devastate the Demons and restore order to the World.”

Blake heard how wise were the words of the Lord. “It shall be done.”

For one year and six months, Blake worked upon the design, as the World did boil and the Northern ice dripped ominously with melt, just as the Lord had said.

And when the design was complete, all of the World’s great factories toiled in harmony to bring reality to the design and construct upon the Earth a metal Gargantua as never before had been. In this, Man was united, and in his unity was borne the fruit of success.

On the day in which the last of the World’s peoples had sought refuge in the Gargantua, the Lord appeared again before Blake.

The Lord said, “The Heat already grows, and the Demons rattle in their thawing cages. But their wrath is not yet inflicted upon the World.”

Then the Lord commanded Blake to enter the Gargantua, seal the doors and start the cooling mechanism. And Blake did so, for such was the word of the Lord, guardian of all Creation.

But the Lord was wise, and in his wisdom had altered the design of the Gargantua, so that once the cooling began, it could not be stopped. And so it was that all the peoples of the world, trapped like Demons within their gargantuan tomb, froze into death.

Then the Lord laughed thunder and devastated the tomb into a rain of ice that fell upon the World as rain.

The Lord asked, “Who dares disturb me from my work?”

The answer was Silence.

And it was good.