Norman Crane

Canadian author of mostly fantasy, horror and scifi. With literary flourishes.

# About

I live in Canada. I write books. I'm also a historian, a wise guy and a cinephile. When I'm not writing, I'm probably reading or trying to cook. Philip Dick, Haruki Murakami and Graham Greene are some of my favourite authors. I enjoy fiction that makes me curious because curiosity makes me creative. I peer under mossy rocks, knock on hollow trees and believe in hidden passageways—not because I have proof of their existence, but because imagining them is itself the reward. I like non-fiction for the same reason. I also like computers, text editors and mechanical keyboards.

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# My Writing

Below you'll find descriptions and links to my fiction writing. I've also written poetry, non-fiction and tried translations, but that stuff will be listed elsewhere.

Novels & Novellas

These are my longer works. In brief, A Paunch Full of Pesos is a spaghetti western, Fairy of Teeth is a nostalgic science fiction horror, Iris is an apocalyptic romance and A Dwarf Stood At The Door is a little of each about a text adventure game.


I'm currently working on two series.

Beaver At His Parents'

Every life has a history. Everyone has a home page. Sometimes, to go forward, you have to hit the "back" button. Beaver At His Parents' is a comedy-drama series about Charlie, a lawyer who loses everything and returns to his home town to start over. Most of what I write is fantastic so I wanted to try writing about reality for a change. My general inspiration is television drama, especially the HBO shows The Sopranos and Girls. I want each episode of this series to be self-contained while also contributing to a few longer storylines. The episodes are written in the first person and should take about an hour to read.

Goblins & Vikings in America

We all know Columbus sailed to the Americas in 1492. However, the Vikings had already settled the North Atlantic and visited the fringes of North America five hundred years earlier. Goblins & Vikings in America is a historical fantasy adventure series about a group of Vikings that arrives in North America around 1000 A.D. to discover natives locked in a war with magic-using goblins. Although much of the series is imagination, I've tried to include doses of both history, especially the cultures of the real-life Beothuk, Dorset and Thule peoples, and legend, such as the tale of St. Brendan, a sixth-century Irish monk who perhaps also set foot on North American soil. Episodes are written in the third person, with shifting points of view, and are 15,000 to 20,000 words long.

Short Stories

The internet reclaimed the art of short fiction. If only Jorge Luis Borges was alive to write about it. But I digress. There will be more about Borges on this site in the future. In the meantime, here's a list of my short stories in reverse chronological order.

# Films

# Reading